Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-T, soon to become a Nürburgring track car

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Hi everyone !

Let me introduce you my R33 - I bought it last year with one single goal for it : turn it into a track oriented Skyline to run on the Nordschleife.

The R33 GTS-T was an obvious choice for me - RWD, lighter than a GT-R, still one of my favourite cars in the world... and also, not as rare and expensive as a GT-R, should a disastrous relationship happen between the car and the Nürburgring security rails...

So I bought this car :





Nice mods, the only thing it's missing is a proper mapping. It's running on OEM ECU with original mapping, turbo only blows @ low boost.
Here's the dyno run I made for the registration process 


For a low boost setup RB25, I'm pretty happy with the result !
287 hp / 330 Nm

There's a small thing left to be done now, then I'll bring it to the Nordschleife where she'll perform her first laps.
At the end of the season, I'll begin thinking about upgrades - starting with a standalone ECU + proper mapping.

Thanks a lot to everyone who red this post until the end - it'll be a pleasure to share the evolution of this project with you all, and I really hope you will appreciate it !

I wish you all a nice day,

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