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  1. -3.7 degree camber front -2.5 degree camper rear 1mm toe OUT front each corner. 1.5mm toe in rear each corner works really really well on my car. I don't find it too hard on the inside shoulders of the fronts.. Braking performance is really good too.. I personally like the fast turn in behavior, and then midcorner, less agressive steering dure to less angle on the outside side.. For trail braking this works really good and you can rotate the car nicely i slow corners, without snapping the rear.. At least, that how i like the setup. With 1.5mm toe in on the rear, i dont find the rear too lazy as it is with 2mm..
  2. Cristian Vidal did 6.55 in a full interior F80 600ps but with Hoosier Dot E slicks on 18".. Both the CupR and the Hoosier are real cheater tires So you are completely right, the tires do the biggest difference on an already capable car!
  3. Nice, good to see that Carsten! Mega color for the M2! Big congratulations on the purchase!
  4. Super cool project! Can't wait to see the result! How far do you plan to go with the project? Would love to see a very weight optimized G87.. I myself have removed nearly 200kgs from my 1series. Curb weight with half a tank is now around 1365kgs.. Would it be possible to remove 250kgs on the g87? Maybe even 300 kg if you have very deep pockets and desire to do so? Would be very cool to see a G87 sub 1500kg with half a tank. I think it would be able for a sub 6.53 lap on the ring with a little more power than stock.
  5. I will just use the 50/50 mixture.. I dont really have issues with temperatures.. But Just wanted to know if the Motul was more than just a placebo or could be used standalone. But after Phil's experiences, i'm just gonna pour in the normal coolant mixture as ive always used
  6. Its crazy how fast things can go wrong. The waterpump was changed though, in the winter for the 2023 season. So everything there is all "new".. But having the cooling system to fail seems to be very common on the BMW's.. especially the ones with eletric driven coolant pump.. Yes, i'm fully with you in that regard.. We can't ensure 100% that things won't have a bad outcome for others if shit happens on our own cars, but atleast we can try to make our cars + components as reliable and safe as possible. Which has been my mantra for the whole car throughout the years.. But some things you just can't be ready for.. Fx a broken coolant pump, oilsump being punched a hole into or what elsen in that regard.. Broken engine etc.. I think most of us regular track day folks, have this mindset..
  7. Just realised the G11 im speaking about is indeed G48.. The G11 spec is VAG spec, but its is something that my local BMW dealer also call their OEM coolant.. So sorry for the confusion, it is indeed G48 i must search and buy for my car.
  8. So what is the main difference between G48 and G11? Is G11 just a new spec of coolant for BMW? I tried googling this, but have not been lucky to scource the right information between them..
  9. Makes fully sense! And i'm going to use demineralised water anyway, so corrosion wont be an issue either. The only thing that worries me a bit, if i should have another leak of coolant.. Would love to have some that wasnt as slippery/oily... But i guess, its a game between safety for other cars and safety for the components on our cars. Normally im on the top of my game looking my car through before every trackday.. But shit can happen, and it did last time I was around the track, luckily it was so minor, that the coolant was drying up in the engine bay before it could come out.. Had to top up around 2 litres for 800kms trackdriving and around 200km road driving, so the useage was very minor.
  10. That's what i was a bit worried about too with 5% dilution in 95% water.. Ive always driven with 50/50 mix of coolant and coolant temps are not really an issue. But as I just saw that there was some additive that might would be better for lubrication and overall performance of the cooling system i was starting to think about using it.. But looking through Motuls Technical datasheet, doesnt really tell if its just a "placebo" product.. I will continue using the G11 coolant in the 50/50 mix.. Thanks for sharing your experience with it.
  11. Yes, i had no issues with them other than this time around.. But they said it at happened a few times, and they wanted to bring mea product worth their name.. So i can't fault them.. I was considering going back to OEM.. But reached out,and asked if they had issues before and then they immediately met me in eye sight, prompted me a generous discount and shipped the cooler the same day! So service and products is really nothing that can be said anything bad about..
  12. Had a small leak in the coolant system, sprying onto my chargepipe.. Found the culprit only when the engine was cold.. Pressurised the system when HOT, and after 20min pressure test 0.2 bar pressure drop.. This indicated that it was only the pressure buildup releasing as the coolant went down in temperature.. Well after the radiator was fully cooled down, i tried pressure testing and then this showed up. New cooler allready on its way and Huge discount from the supplier.. Absolutely phenomenal.. Radiator was bought in 2021 and done thousands of kilometres mostly on track. Customer service from Do88 is A++.. They didnt need to give me a discount but they did, without me asking. Great service!
  13. I'm wondering what would bethe best option cooling wise? Option 1 : Run G11 coolant mixed 50/50 with water. Option 2: Run Motul Mocool mixed only with water 5% Mocool with 95% water. Option 3: Run G11 Coolant mixed 50/50 with water, but with suitable 5% Mocool too? Could the Mocool works as a stand alone, without G11 coolant? Car will never be driven in below freezing temps anyway.. But would maybe be started up, in the mornings when you have maybe +5 degrees... Or had overnight temps just around 0degrees.. Water doesnt really freeze in 0 degrees in pressurized system if i remember correct.
  14. I fully agree.. And many of them drive like they have taken their last breath.. But i try to be carefull around all of them.. But you never know which ego you meet on a bike..Some are wild men, some actually do play it safe... I'd prefered open stint for motorcycles only and then cars only.. Would be better for everyone..
  15. Yes, i fully agree! But that's unfortunately also one of the few weekends where the GP track is open too.. And for testing, its really beneficial to be able to go between the 2 tracks.. But Normally it is quiet from 8-9 am until 11.. so normally i can get in a few good laps in that time, and then i just do some chilled laps afterwards.. If there is to much karnage, then i park the car and go review some of the footage.. And yes, the likes of social media is the culprit behind this behavior.. Some drives their fans cars around the track, others film around the track for "excitement and mostly profit".. They are, unfortunately, in my eyes, the reason of the Wörthersee culture being more and more implemented into our beloved track.. I can say SPA, is much more relaxed compared.. But, it is not Nürburgring.. So hopefully, there will be some kind of a movement against the "boy racer" culture in the future..