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  1. Yes, i could imagine this. Do you still drive with the stock spring rate? Ive seen others in the forum driving with 120-140 spring in the frontend, on KW CS. I also thought about upgrading to something similar in the front end like the Millway. But i'm still not sure if i have the funds to do that, before going to NOS. it really depends on what other things i need to upgrade beforehand. Wow, that is a very nice kit, but also very pricey. Very nice Christian i will watch your channel, also your youtube i watch your TF laps. I'm slighty beginning to learn the 1/3 lap in my head.. but it aint the same as having seat time, thats for sure. If you are at the NOS in the weekend 2/7-5/7, we could have a little chat there.
  2. Hi Again Christian I thought about you when another guy pointed me in this direction. So here is a link for complete uniball kinematics: I have received a KW clubsport earlier this week and i think that in May, i will order a few things from hardrace for the rear. Im going to NOS on 2/7 to 5/7 so im a bit busy, to get things done with the car, but as we all know, time is money, right Have a good weekend, Regards Lars
  3. Oh okay, nice. So he drives the same spring rate as you.
  4. May i ask you, what size spring you run and also which spring load? i can see that this isnt the normal 80-170 spring from KW :-D Have you changed spring rate on the rear also?
  5. KW clubsport domlager BMW F2x/F3x

    Time Left: 2 months and 6 days

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    Hi guys I have these brand new, never used domlager for sale, from my suspension i received to day. I only sell these, because i am going to use some that are made for the BMW M4/M3 aluminium strut tower. These domlager are with 3 mounting holes and fits all 2 and 3 series. Price are not negotiable. I can bring these to Nordschleife from 2/7 - 5/7 - 2021. Or i can send them to you.

    400.00 EUR

  6. Hello Did you buy clubsport domlager? Otherwise i have a KW clubsport suspension on my way, with brand new domlager, you can buy. I am going to run M4 domlager on my car. I also have Millway domlager for the m4 aluminium strut brace, you can check out the sales add in here. Regards Lars, Denmark
  7. Millway F2x/F3x Hybrid Camber plates

    Time Left: 2 months and 2 days

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    Moin leute I have these camber plates for sale. They were bought in January 2021, but because i have a KW clubsport on my way, i wont be needing these. They are good as new, have less than 1000km/s on them. These camber plates are to be used with M4 aluminum strutbrace, i can tell you what you will need to rebuild your F2x/F3x to run the m4 strutbrace. It is really easy to retrofit this, and the stiffness in the frontend is very good. Consider these as almost not used. Everything included. Looking for a fast sale. Parts are located in 9300 Saeby, Denmark and i can ship if needed. I can also bring them to Nordschleife/Nürburg from 2/7-21 to 5/7-21.

    350.00 EUR

  8. Moin Thorsten I will definately check that out. Do you have to be a member of rsg to be join one of their trackdays? The 25 sep, isnt on the website, only the 27. :-)
  9. Vielen danke Patrick. That was very nice!
  10. Moin leute What kind of droplinks do you guys use in combination with F series KW clubsports? I havent really had any luck to find any. I guess they are necessary when car is being set up with corner balancing and such? Kind regards Lars
  11. Moin Sven Aah okay, so that is why it isn't on the Danish website. I have yet to try the track. But i plan to go there in August and Septemper. Car is now undergoing some work for the next 3 months, so it can be ready for Nordschleife on 2/7..
  12. Hi Boesi According to there will be trackdays these dates here 8am to 4pm: 3/4 - 26/4 28/6 19/7 16/8 6/9 - 27/9 Are you part of the group "Padborg Park After Work Trackday" on facebook? There will be updates in there for the whole season. Regards Lars, Dänemark
  13. Hi Erik Much thank you for your review off this. That is exactly why im choosing the shorter springs, to fit 255 tires up there in the front end. with your details in mind and the KW recommendation, i will choose the 100-140 spring.. for now i will keep the stock rear springs and see how it performs. I guess with the stiffer springs in front i also dont need to upgrade the swaybar because the car will handle more flat. I have an apointment with Manthey Racing 2/7-21 with alignment and corner weight setup ( i will do a basic alignment for the travel). Should i have adjustable endlinks for the car? Hopefully i can try and adjust the suspension on TF same Friday, and then on Sunday 4/7 enjoy the car and learn the track better.. I only have 2 laps on NOS. Everyone who wants to have a chat is welcome, but i cant speak German, sorry.. :-)
  14. Aah okay that makes sense then :-) I am not totally sure on upgrading the rear spring, why? because of this: My car F21 M135i: 80-170 Front spring rates and Rear spring rates 120-200. F22 M235i : Front 90-170 spring rate and rear spring rate 120-200.. So even the f22 have a higher spring rate in frontend with the same rear spring.. maybe i should buy the 90-140 spring instead of the 100-140 spring? An m235i and a M135i are basically the same car.. :-) I like this forum, thanks to all who is anticipating. Edit: I wrote an email to KW yesterday, so i am just waiting for their confirmation, but maybe someone in here have the knowledge i look for :-)
  15. So i tried to paint an illustration here.. The pink painting area, is where the spring perch will be set, with the same lowering of the car in original picture, but with a shorter spring.