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  1. Naah diff doesnt need to come out. I changed my subframe bushing, by just lowering the whole subframe on some threaded rods i made, then i pressed out the old bearings with a universal bush kit from ebay. the hardest thing, was to actually press in the aluminium barrels, that took some, sweat, yelling hammering and some heat - to get it done.
  2. Yes, that's very true! But they seems bulletproof, if they get an aftermarket crank hub, and just run a stage 1 like tune @550ish ps. But yes, that does not fix a snapped crankshaft but how often do they actually tend to snap? On the other hand, there is double the moving parts on the exhaust side, a lot of cooling packs going on and so on, so yes, the engine is not as simple as the N55. Which is also a big factor to consider. I must talk to my mechanic and hear what he can bring to the table..
  3. Nah, it's almost 100kms of Nordschleife, before the car shit itself. To be fair, the first couple of rounds i was building up momentum and relearning the cars behavior. On my 5th lap (Hence 4,5 ) i was starting to time my lap just to see where i was laying, but just after Breidsheid, car was definately not happy.. I was going quite fast through Breidsheid, and its normal for the n55 to die in left hand corners, so going up ex-muhle the engine lack all the power, and i could just barely turn the steering (got quite heavy when engine died) to steer the car into the right side of the track. Naah, its not the hardest thing to find, but the ones i do find, costs almost as much an used S55 with barely any kilometers on them.. So i am in a jungle for now, to find out what i want to do to the car.
  4. I had a oil slushing baffles in the sump and about 7 liters of oil in it also, but somehow all the oil still did run away from the pickup tube. It's a common problem on the N55, while that was the purpose of fitting the baffle in the sump, but Karl from 24/7 Performance told me that it wasnt enough, and guess who, was right, lol Well, i tend to look forward in life, so i'm just happy, it happened now up to this winter instead of it happening, when the season starts. We are trying to find an M2 engine instead of rebuilding the old one. The crankshaft is stuck, so the engine can't turnover, i guess every moving parts inside the engine, is toast. But man, i can tell you the grip level was Amazing in the car i did cry i little the first time i went out in the car, it was so amazing to finally be in the car again. But sadly, only for 4.5 laps, lol
  5. Actually yes but i also wait for a quotation from my mechanic. Please inbox me with details of the engine you have :-)
  6. If you buy ST XTA, i have springs from the KW clubsports that will suit the XTA very much. Almost not used much, since i have upgraded to even stiffer springs for my car. 200 eur for the springs. Vorne 80-170 and Hinten 140-200. ///Lars
  7. Denmark isnt to harsh with legalization, but im not sure about the wing though.. i have a friendly tüv guy who will inspect the car as it sits without any troubles 😅 I also got some bad new though.. on my 5th lap on NOS the 23rd october, the engine completely died. Crank is seized, engine cant turn over. Basically the engine died from oil starvation, even though i had baffles in the sump from MMR. Car was driving mega though, had so much grip, even though the track was a bit greasy and damp, i could overtake a lot of cars and have much higher cornering speed than others. 20221023_130150.mp4
  8. Yes, i really like how it turned out!
  9. Indeed they did an amazing job
  10. Car is on the outside 90% finished. I'm in France right now for seeing the car, and bringing it home. Next step is a cage, interior painting and wire cutting. @Gany i will reply to you when i get back home sometime next week :-) VID_20221017_101850.mp4
  11. Aaah, seems like an few good days then! I always enjoy working on my car.. Well at least working on the track car, not so much on the daily driver, lol.. What a bummer, we'll maybe meet next time when we are arround.. And to fair, i think i already have a tight schedule, I will from the morning be in Kassel at 55parts, to pick up my AP brakekit, then i will continue to Nürburg, see some friends of mine i have also invited my girlfriend out to drive gokart up in ringwerk/ringkarts and after that, we might eat some lunch and then i will probably take some passanger laps with me friends and when the day is almost over, i will continue driving south to France.. So i think that is a day, i will be very tired.. Yeeah it is really a bummer not to just finish the season with the new build, but at least i can do some road testing in france though Yes, my trailer is sitting down at there place, so i'm fortunate to not be driving down there with an empty one. Yeah ive tried my buddy's m135i, he recently installed st xta with stiffer springs, and his car drives very nice, with that damper. but yes, you can feel its a bit softer dampening wise, but that can also be due to his setup of the dampers. I can clearly understand your point of view, and to be fair, i am also a bit cautious with the car in the future.. but i guess its possible to still do good laps times, even without pushing 8/10, in the end, i think it all comes down to have a lot of experience on NOS to be fast and safe there. Its a bit of a dream for me, to come under 8 min btg, but its not a dream for me, to be crowned the pinnapple king when crashing chassing that "ultimately goal"
  12. Hi Sry i dont speak german, hopefully you understand english. As Fox906bg says: To help cooling your front brakes, you can remove you anchor plates/dust shields. That will actually improve the cooling very very much. Try that as a start (its free), and then you can proceed to improve brake cooling if needed, with hoses or similar. ///Lars
  13. Oh man, sry for my late reply, have had an hectic week regarding work and so on, so now its finally weekend Well it seems that we are having a similar pace on the NOS, it seems though, that you are faster than me in the corners, because i have driven cars with quite above 350 hp and i can compensate a little on the faster sections, lol I'm actually going to Nordschleife on Saturday the 15th October, but i will stay there for half a day meet up with some friends and then continue my trip to Breizh Motorsport In France so i finally can pick up my car from there. Will then unfortunately be going straight home with it = no testdrive on the Ring, because the setup of the car is totally out of measurements and half of the suspension are changed out with stiffer springs. I didnt have time to do it all before sending the car off to France i summers, lol So i will do some work to the car while i have it at home, and start saving up money for the cage builder. Still need to book the car in some where, but i will start thinking and working on that, when its home. The ST XTA is very good value for money, but when you want next level performance a true competition suspension are all the money worth it. yeah im probably not fast enough to be mandatory with all the money i sink into my car, but i like to have a "perfect track car" to start my track driving experience with. For me its a big drem come true, that i can afford to build a car spec like this.
  14. Like i wrote "all fast" The goal is ofcourse to have fun yes, but it is also fun to compare your laptimes between your friends and push each others limits to achieve more and learn more, to me that is fun, but it is also funny to just lap in a train and do a 9min lap enjoying the view of the ring and enjoying driving with your friends Come an say Hi if you see the me and the car
  15. Thank you, i'm sure it will give me a lot of smiles, when its finished.. No worries Ah yes, you are definately right about that, it would function very well, if someone choosed to do a clubsport build with the widebody. But the thing is, the car is wider than my 5 series F11 now, lol, so for very narrow places it could be a small headache to park it.. hehe.. Sure the convertible arent a bad car, please dont think, that i think it is I just think it won't be just as capable as the coupe of the e46.. Yes do that, and feel free to come over and say hi and introduce yourself, ive met a few people from here, and all are very cool and friendly.. So i dont plan on 7 minutes laps, lol.. i just started driving NOS in 2020, ive done around 30 laps since then, and my best is 8.30 by now. But next season is the year for me, i plan to come every 4-6 weeks over the spring/summer period and i have a small goal to reach a clean sub 8 lap. Im not trying to achieve the fastest lap times when im there, especially not when i bring the "new car" because the room for error at a sub 7.50 lap is very marginal.. ive been passenger in a few of my mates m140's where we drove sub 7.45, and i'm not skilled enough to drive at these speeds, i have a lot to learn, so i can achieve a sub 8, i guess i will be very satisfied But having the material that can do a 7 min lap does make it easier to achieve the sub 8 lap. Just look at the common 991 guys, they are "all fast" because the car is so easy to drive. The biggest difference of the CS 2 way vs the comp 3a, is compliance. The comp 3a, is very very nice, its just smooth over holes and bumps in the road, where the CS is more stiff. The feedback from the comp 3a is also better, but its not uncomfortable, even at low speeds it very very good. My CS at low speed sucks, its very bouncy below 50km/h, and i'm not sure how it will drive now that the spring rates have been changed to 50% stiffer.. That seems to be a common thing to do, so i look forward to try it out before settling for a competition suspension.