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  1. m235i

    Thank you 😎 i removed the rollbar/K-brace after installation of the clubsport cage, i didnt want to have more weight than necessary.
  2. You can buy it from Burkhart Engineering. 969 eur.
  3. Well, i don't think it sounds strange - a lot of people feel exactly what you do, and nothing is wrong with that. But you do miss out on some other really great tracks too, especially if you are chasing fun more than timed laps. Ofcourse most of us do time our laps, otherwise, how would we see any improvement in our driving?! I simply respect your choice, but i would highly recommend you to do a few other tracks too.
  4. AST costs less than half, does the job perfectly fine. Maybe they can build on order in Chromosteel and you still save money. I have one from them (regular steel) and quality is really good.
  5. You really need to come out of your comfort zone and try to do some different tracks too. You will be amazed of the difference in the layout, the different grip levels from track to track and so on. I drove in the same day at SPA first and then TF in the evening, that was really interesting, because i immediately drove the Nos faster than ever, carrying way more cornering speed too, so you can learn a lot from going to other tracks aswell. Bilsterberg also seems to be very popular. But NOS is special absolutely, and the community of true ring-freaks is just amazing! Ive met a lot good people who i became friends with to this day.
  6. m235i

    moin, looking forward to see the build progress of your car.. i did something similar build wise and more and a bit more radical.. you can check it out for some inspiration. ///Lars
  7. Either that option, or a camper + trailer. But that would require B/E license or trailer license.
  8. I like the NOS too.. But recently its become a clown show. Red/Yellow flags everyday. Some people just come there to fuck it all up for the majority with their seeking of attention for a 10 second shot on YouTube. And majority of those people are only there because of some youtubers. They bring too many of the cars & coffee type of people who drive like idiots around the place. In corona times, it was truly something special, the atmosphere, the genuinely nice people there where around was something that was really nice. But in the end, you drive in your car around corners as fast as possible, and there is definitely just as fun tracks around, which can give this thrill.. Europe is big and when you own a trailer and a van you can go to whatever racetrack you want to avoid that youtube fame.
  9. I fully agree with you and @r20832 SPA is so much fun. Really a good track.. Imo more fun than Nordschleife.. Bonus info, there isnt many yellow flags there either.
  10. Thats basically how i went into my build. Did 2 laps of NOS and 1 stint GP track, on "standart" car. The only track mods made prior to that was kw clubsport, NS2R tires, a diff, Mperformance brakes and 500hp.. A few months later i took the registration plate off the car, and then the madness started. Widebody build in France, Full Racecar suspension parts from BMW cup, cage, suspension setup, Wheels, Ap racing brakes, Software, Cooling packages, exhaust system and so on.. So at this point i stopped counting when the car reached a 100k eur incl. purchase of the car obviosly. Its doable to do it cheaper, but i have now gained experience with a lot of different parts on the platform.
  11. So guys, Another small update. The KW clubsport has been upgraded for a new suspension. Reason for this, was that the Clubsport was at its very limit. Some of you already mentioned the bouncing of the car on my videos which was somewhat true - but i didnt lack grip even though the car would bounce a little it was primarily down to the comfort of driving the car. So for this ive been speaking with several enthusiast, friends and companies (obviosly not only 247) what my issue was and how to deal with them. One of them even replied in the phone "i know nothing about your shitty engine and can't help you" even though it was the suspension we spoked about Also my engine works really good, so i dont know where this came from lol Anyway. So with a lot of research done, i was ready to make the move, and the choice landed on a Pfeifer Suspension. Everything was made to order where Richard and I discussed the options so they would suit my wishes. What we ended up with here, is what i believe is the closest thing to a real competition suspension without the pricetag of a bling and exotic suspension but with a valving system that is durable for Nordschleife, GP tracks and even on the road. For my goal i'm sure it will fulfill my needs. I must say build quality is indeed really nice and the communcation + timeline was fullfilled to A+.. Just a fiy, if you already own a CS suspension and get it rebuild to a pfeifer it will cost you half the money in total - than a competition suspension from Nitron, KW, Moton, MCS and so on.. So think about it.. Do you want to spend the last 50% price for the maybe 10% extra performance? It wasnt worth it for me, because im not a pro racecar driver and im not chasing golden pineapples.
  12. Normally around the ring for that car and Most BMW F series. spring rates 140 front and 180 rear. Damper setup 20%open Bump 40-50% open rebound.
  13. Just go for it, buy it and tell us your experience. You could also consider Alcon - I think you should be able to find a kit in the UK. But there is no reason for people to snob around and say other kits are useless that is just dumb - especially if one has 0 experience with that exact product. I personally just went with the tried and tested by Schirmer, racing teams and so on and went with a PFC/AP setup.
  14. I can understand your limiting factor regarding the price. So on that note another cheaper option which im pretty sure would be ideal for your goals, could be to swap out the dampers for Bilstein B8 combined with H&R springs. A couple of guys i know ran that on both M140i F20 and F21 M135i. Misha Charoudin, even tested the M140 on Nordschleife, and called it one of the best M140 he has driven. I dont care much of this youtuber, but its safe to say, the M140 worked pretty good with that suspension setup.
  15. Best solution, find a used set of KW's clubsports. Even if leaking doesn't matter. just cheaper to purchase. (1.5-1.9k eur) Then send it off to Pfeifer and have it fully rebuild. Maybe around 2k euros. You will not find a better suspension for that kind of money (3.5-4K including everything) You get a suspension that sits between a club sport and a competition, but is more durable than the comp for everyday life. I'm receiving my suspension this week. If you can find front dampers only - then I can supply you with my rear dampers, since I didn't convert my rear dampers, due to specific wishes for my build. The rears i have does not leak..