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  1. I would suspect around 2.45 is great with our kind of power.. But i really dont have the balls to run eau rouge faster than 170 up the hill.. Ive been told 190-200 is very good. But i did feel the car went ultra light on my first stint with a passenger.. I guess i will try to have someone with me next time, who can show me the real line through eau rouge and give me a pointer there.. I believe im so far to the left i can be, until i turn right. but i can't pin the throttle fully or its just my balls not falling fully into the nut sack..
  2. You can see the time from the duration of the video. 2.51/2.52 something there about. I dont have any official timing, since i forgot to charge my GPS receiver. 🙈 I could drive faster and did also during the day but this was the only lap, where i didnt meet any trafic here or there, unfortunately it was the first lap on the 3rd stint, meaning the tires werent fully up to temp, which also shows as the car oversteers a bit so i had to hold back a little.. but it was a good and clean lap.. my best last year was 3.04. So the improvement are good.. 👌
  3. 3rd stint 1st lap - unfortunately temps on tires wasnt in the right range - but yet still a decent drive. About 10 seconds faster than last year so i'm happy with that..
  4. This is for the BMS, so yes as close to battery as possible. Without connecting it, you will fry the battery quickly, since the alternator will be just throwing current into it, even without it needing it.
  5. I have been starting from 1.6-1.7 bar in a 1350kg car, that was suuuuper sketchy on CR-S.. I wouldnt take the advice and start on 1.7 bar on a heavy car like the G8x..
  6. Consider Sportcontact 7..
  7. I prefer straps like these. You can basically flip the trailer upside down, and the car will still be firmly attached to it. Another good thing is, this wont whack out your alignment settings since you dont have pulling forces front to rear / side to side.
  8. We are not on the same platform, but i do have a HJS downpipe, and i don't have fitment issues. They should really send you a new one or get you your money back.
  9. Absolute master piece! Good job!
  10. Yes, i already run the 331/332 combo, which has been very fine and have never experienced brake fade.. but have exoerienced som wierd behavior of the braking power being now so consistent, if you braked at the same mark then suddenly you could exoerience the braking power increase/decrease.. So i will now try the 11/332 combo.. the price was just too good to pass on the 11 compound.. if it doesnt work as intended, well then it was cheap and gained some experience..
  11. Nice! The M2 discs are very durable and long lasting.. I run PFC 332 on EBC rear discs, and those EBC has been on the car since 2021 and they look really good! If i could get EBC in 378/34-36 thickness, i would buy that shit faster than a blink of an eye
  12. What is your preferred pad between these 2 on the PFC discs? I have currently been running the 331 for 1 season and its now time to change. I can get the 11 compound, for stupidly cheap money.. Half the price of the 331 to be clear. What should i expect in difference in performance to each other? Im still running 332 on the rear axle.
  13. Nice! So lets not use Carstens thread anymore with this, it got a bit out of hand.. But maybe it is some value for others too..
  14. Excellent, I will keep this information in the back of my head! I can definitely see your point in the Eau Rouge section, I should be far more to the left until the end of the rumble stripe, and then turn into the uphill section. That should in theory also make the corner more "straight".. @CarstenSorry for hijacking your thread..
  15. Yes, Blanchimont was the "2 corners before bus stop". So the video recorded here, was from my 2nd stint there, if i remember correct - so i was still trying to figure out which gear, speeds and thing like that i needed to be in. On stint 3 and 4 i did use more of the run off area, but like i wrote in the post above, i felt this was a bit counter intuitive since they banked off camber, and the car felt a bit unstable, atleast in the 2nd corner as i remember, but the speed would been higher too.. Unfortunately I dont have the recordings to review as a full lap, since the camera kept overheating and not turning on again. So I only had a lot of half laps to look through and evaluate the speeds and the placement of the car. Going from slicks to semis in this case i drove the AR1, there is a huge difference in the grip level.. But also my limited track time there is definately a factor too.. Im going there again this summer, so i feel more comfortable now knowing what im going into and also the car is improved a lot since last year.